Testimonials and Memorable Gigs

Annual Kilmartin Hotel Gig for the Glasgow Bikers, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2016…

Packed into a tiny room with the well oiled bikers, we refuse to play `Burn’ by Deep Purple for 3 hours every year. Always an evening of epic banter.

“Youse guys are really good. Why are you still playing here?”

Large Biker

“Wow, that guy can really sing. We tried to go home but then you played my favourite Sam Cooke song and we couldn’t leave.”

Couple in the bar by accident

Cabin fever-12-edited

“You played the same song as that other band. But much better.”

Sound engineer

Campbeltown Music Festival

We play live on the back of a lorry in a park. We park our van directly behind to create our own `Green Room’. Every other band covers `Brown Eyed Girl’. Not us.


Ardfern, 45th Birthday Party

During a Motown and Stax medley, a guy requests a Sex Pistols song. Stu stops the whole band and says, ` We are about as far away from Punk Rock as you can get.’

“Lucy is my favourite member of Cabin Fever, not you. You can tell from her face how well she thinks it’s going. Or not. You just show off.”

Wife and daughters of unnamed member of Cabin Fever

“You are naughty boys, I can’t dance any more.”

Middle aged lady. (She did though.)



“I knew you had a band Stuart, I just didn’t know you were actually really good”

Long-standing acquaintance

Pub gig in Ardrishaig

Sign outside advertises us as a `New, Young band.’ Ha ha.

The Lorne, Oban

The bar staff demand a Bob Marley medley. They get it. Punters demand a Scissor Sisters medley. They don’t get it.

“Fab gig Amber. We just wanted a bop and you made our night!”

Group of women out on the lash

Julia’s 40th Birthday Party: Caveman/One Million Years BC theme

Stage invasion by women in fur bikinis and cavemen. Nudist on the dance floor. Beautiful.

“I built this stage, and if I want to dance on it, I will. Don’t stop playing.”

Large caveman to Andrew, mid-song

Cabin fever_HD-27-edited

White Hart, Cambeltown

We play all night to an empty room whilst the punters stay at the bar. Later we have a drink with them and one says, `You’re the best band we’ve had here for a long time.’ Puzzling.

Wedding Anniversary party, Crinan Hotel, 2009

A guest asks for a Dolly Parton song as a request. Stu says he doesn’t know the lyrics, or what key it’s in. She goes and downloads the lyrics, key and chords and presents them to him. During the gig to avoid her, Stu stands behind a pillar between songs.

“You guys made our night for us, thanks a million. Can we get you for our Ruby Wedding anniversary?”


Chris’s 60th, Lungha House

We play in a ballroom in a castle to a riotous assembly. No one wants to leave so we have to pass our gear out through the windows.

“You’ve made me happy to admit I’m 60”