Meet the Band, 200 years of musical experience

Cabin Fever have been playing together for 10 years, but our joint and chequered history together in various combinations goes back far further.

Stuart McI. – Lead Vocals and Funk Stick

Cabin fever_HD-46-edited

A honey voiced Tenor, Stu is also a professional sound and lighting engineer, raconteur and airline pilot (in his loft). Stu makes it all sound good live and his basslines will make your trousers flap. Stuart is so picky about the sound and the lights being perfect he just won’t go on ’til everything is just right. And then some. Stu has excellent Dennis-The-Menace hair and is a West Coast Soul Man.

Cally J – Lead Guitar, Ruari E – Keyboards

Photos coming soon.

These 2 new members of the band are talented, and sickeningly young. They have now brought the average age of the band down to 35. Which is a great relief for Stuart and Tom.


Amber C. & Lucy W. – Vocals, Harmonies, Percussion, Dancing….

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Sisters Lucy and Amber have been singing together for more than 20 years, but they are not choirgirls any more! Together, they sing the harmonies that will break your heart.

If Amber couldn’t sing and dance on stage she would explode. In charge of tambourines. Has been known to try to put her sister off.

Lucy is the nicest member of the band and also a dab hand at packing away sound and lights equipment properly, even after a few Prosecco’s. Has been known to try to put her sister off.

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Tom F. – Drums and Insubordination

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Tom would really like to come to your party, and he’s up for playing the drums too! Tom is an annoyingly loud and chirpy London geezer with a great range of hats. Drives the band van. Not allowed to sing backing vocals.